SO WE WILL – It seems the OSCE are working in unison with NWO Agenda and as much as they slave their agenda of neutrality they only go to concrete the fact they’re not.


Ukraine troops have now begun their offensive using illegal 122’s, so far they have killed three people including an 11 year old child.

At least three civilians, including a child, have lost their lives in a mortar attack by the Ukraine’s military in the country’s eastern Donetsk region, pro-Russia forces in the area say.

The three, including a father and his 11-year-old daughter, were killed on Tuesday after mortar rounds allegedly fired by the Ukrainian army hit a residential area in the town of Gorlovka, the Donetsk news agency reported, adding that four other people were also injured.

Pro-Russia forces in Donetsk denounced the raid, accusing Kiev of breaching a ceasefire agreement – which was reached between the two sides back in February – by not removing heavy artillery from the region.

“If the artillery were removed 50 kilometers (31 miles) as agreed, it could not have reached the town,” Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), told Russia’s state-owned news channel Rossiya 24.

The DPR has informed the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) of the incident, Basurin said.

He added that OSCE monitors are expected to visit the site on Wednesday to inspect “the tragedy” and determine what military equipment was used in the shelling.

The Ukrainian government has not yet commented on the report.

Donetsk and Luhansk, two mainly Russian-speaking regions in eastern Ukraine, have been the scene of deadly clashes between pro-Russia forces and the Ukrainian army since Kiev began military operations in April last year to end pro-Russia protests there.

More than 6,000 people have been killed in Ukraine’s conflict, the UN says. Around 1.5 million people have also been forced to flee their homes in the turmoil.


The self-proclaimed authorities in east Ukraine have named Thursday a day of mourning, for the civilians who died in army shelling this week. They say five people were killed in artillery attacks conducted by forces loyal to Kiev. A strike on the city of Gorlovka was particularly devastating for one family – causing their house to collapse, killing the father and daughter, and critically injuring the mother and son. For more RT is joined by spokesperson of the OSCE in Ukraine Michael Bociurkiw