We would like the entire world to see the true face of Ukraine, the officials of which are openly, shamelessly publicizing their cannibal, totally Nazi ideas!

Here is the freshest example. These are, just imagine, the words of a police official, and the task of police is to safeguard law and order and protect the rights of citizens, stated by the Constitution!

Illya Kyva, executive head of the General Board of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine in the Donetsk region, wrote on his page in Facebook:


“I appeal to public organizations and activists of the city of Kiev: block the traffic of buses that belong to “Sheriff-Tour” Ltd along the route Kiev-Donetsk and Donetsk-Kiev, as they facilitate the spread of the terrorist scum and plague all over the territory of Ukraine!!!! Р.S. Were that up to me, I would shoot these travellers to the DPR, the lovers of referendums and Ukrainian POWs parades … Only the tough stand of the society will force Donbass to sober up!!!! There are no shades and hues any longer! We only have OUR SIDE and the ENEMY!!! Only this way we will conquer this plague!!!!!”

Foreign readers should know, that every person travelling across the demarcation line should apply for a special pass issued by the Security Service of Ukraine in the 10-day term. At times it takes several weeks to obtain such a pass. Thus, people who have close relatives in the territory under Kiev control, have to go through real ordeals before they can see their near and dear. And only those people are allowed to pass, who had been checked and double checked and have been recognized as having no connection to “terrorists”. And still, Kiev junta craves their extermination. What is it if not genocide?