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Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

TARGET TEXASThis post supports an original article that appeared on ALL NEWS PIPELINE:

Is Texas being punished for protesting Jade Helm-15 or are weather weapons being deployed now in order to soften up key cities with a domestic “Operation Popeye” for JH-15 occupational troops?

Is Texas Under Attack By The U.S. Government For Resisting Jade Helm? “Weather Warfare Right Before Our Very Eyes”


Evidence Texas Flooding Caused by Aerosol Dumps and Weather Weapons.

By Harold Saive 5/27/2015

On 5/25 at approximately 1200 UTC, notice the explosion of aerosol dumps that persist through the timeline of Texas flooding. The dumps become more obvious as the front moves east and the dumps are seen migrating unnaturally to the “west” in the lower left of the aerosolized convection.

Several satellite images strongly suggest electromagnetic activity combined with strategic aerosol dumps energized a sudden release of catastrophic rainfall amounts over flooded areas of Texas…

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