The day of May 25 is almost over. It’s nearly midnight. That day, a year ago, was the last day of the peaceful life in Donetsk. Somewhere far away from us elections had been held, and in our new beautiful airport passenger airplanes took off and landed in accordance with the schedule – for the last time… The last peaceful day. And the next day… The next day a war started. At midday destroyers and military helicopters attacked the city. And my sister phoned from Smolyanka, shouting in the mouthpiece, and I posted her account of it in Facebook – she said she could see from her yard that the planes dropped something… And I asked her what that could be… We had not realized yet, we could not imagine that… we had been shelled. The airport was burning after the next helicopter raid, the bridge, leading to it, was subjected to fire, and people, who had been arriving to the airport or leaving it, got under that fire. When they were dying, did they realize, what happened to them?.. I do not know… In a yard of a private house in the area in between the airport and the railway station, a child dropped on the ground, hit by a shell fragment. What did his mother think at that moment?.. I do not know… At the railway station, in the middle of the square in front of it, people fell down dying, the wounded screamed, other people helped them, pulled them away, to the shelter… Everyone cried and wept. They did not try to hide… Why did not they? Why?.. I do not know… It happened all off a sudden, like a tornado… At night through the opened windows suffocating odour of burning entered the houses. Only in the morning we learnt that the entire wing of our Ice Palace “Druzhba” had burnt down. This is how the WAR entered the city. At midday on May 26, 2014. I will never forget it. Never. Svetlana Saf for “Pravda Donbassa”