Waco, Texas recently in the news for a biker/police showdown which was in fact a false flag. See here. Now again, the police are at it again using every event to further the agenda of militarizing the police. It began long ago and as the days pass more military equipment is hitting the streets of the USA. In Texas, now Martial Law style neighborhood watch vehicles have been spotted. As shown below these vehicles were spotted in a parking lot on the border of Waco and Robinson Texas. Officially these trucks are for Waco because of the markings on the side. However according to the concerned citizen that spotted these monstrosities points out: “These were seen in a parking lot on the border of Waco and Robinson, Texas. Not for a “surveillance” vehicle, because he has a gun turret on top. What does the other “non surveillance” vehicles have.” They are in fact not just for normal “neighborhood watch” because there just happens to be turrets on top on the vehicle. The questions are piling in just as the militarization keeps getting worse and worse. See for yourself