Russian Defense Ministry is concerned about the possibility of a sharp destabilization of the conflict in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) and is preparing for the most adverse scenarios. To this end, the other day in the Operational Group of Russian Forces (OGRF), stationed in the country, have been maneuvering for the protection of important military installations.


As the press service of the Western Military District, which governs OGRF, on Friday more than 100 military groups were alerted. After a 150-kilometer march to the military depot in the village of Kolbasna entered into a training fight with conventional terrorists tried to seize weapons and ammunition there.

The Defense Ministry stressed that the soldiers acted in OGRF conditions close to the fighting. At the same time the staff of antiterrorist unit coped with the task successfully, “In the course of training for the destruction of conventional terrorists focused on the improvement of coherence in the conduct of military combat in open areas of countryside as part of tactical units and small groups (pairs and triples).” Similar scenarios are now not only fulfill OGRF soldiers, but also the Russian peacekeepers stationed in the conflict zone. This increased activity of Russian troops in Transnistria in the Defense Ministry plans to explain not only the summer training period, but the real threats that arise today in the conflict zone.

In particular, the Defense Ministry has information about the existence of a plan to eliminate the power of Transnistria. He allegedly developed by the US secret services, with the participation of the military departments of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. That part of the plan and was adopted last week to Kiev to denounce the agreement with Moscow on the transit through Ukrainian territory of the Russian military and their cargoes in Transnistria. In addition, in the near future Ukrainian and Romanian-Moldovan militants planned sabotage and terrorist operations aimed at capturing the TMR munition, which are now guarded by Russian soldiers. At the same time on the left bank of the Dniester territory will begin large-scale provocations with victims and murder against civilians aimed at discrediting our peacekeepers. These circumstances will be an occasion for the official launch of the peace process in Chisinau. The Government have asked for help from the European Union and NATO. And by this time, apparently, will be prepared replacement of Russian blue helmets in the form of the Moldovan-Romanian peacekeeping battalion. On the formation of such a unit on May 23 officially announced it is in Romania, Viorel Moldovan Defense Minister Cibotaru. After his meeting with Romanian counterpart Mircea Showers it was announced that this battalion will be included in the future soldiers of Ukraine and Poland.

Lieutenant-General Yuri Netkachev, who in 1992 commanded the 14th Army stationed in Transnistria, also does not rule out a military scenario to resolve the situation on the Dniester. “This has hurt Moscow’s geopolitical interests, and I am sure that the Russian government will do its utmost to defend its position in the region and prevent the escalation of the conflict”, – the expert believes. Netkachev recalls that Chisinau in the period when he commanded the 14th Army, with the support of the Romanian volunteers and mercenaries have tried using the weapon to conquer the PMR. “It did not work then, will not work, and now, despite the fact that our group there Ukraine is trying to completely pull the plug”, – said Netkachev. He agreed with the coordinator of the Office of the inspectors general of the Defense Ministry, Army General Yuri Yakubov, who admits the possibility of supplying our peacekeepers airlift, using aircraft of military transport aircraft under the blockade by Ukraine. “Of course, there is a very big problem is that our planes still have to fly over Ukrainian territory. Most likely it will be in the region of Odessa. From the Black Sea to the border with Transnistria – is less than 100 kilometers. It was reported that the Ukrainian military deployed there anti-aircraft missile systems S-300. But I think that the Ukrainian defense hardly dare to shoot down our planes flying in Tiraspol “, – the expert believes.

While the complicated situation around Transnistria, Romania and the United States begin military maneuvers near the borders with the Odessa region of Ukraine. For these purposes in the Black Sea on May 23 missile destroyer entered the naval forces of the USA Ross. In a press release of the 6th US Navy stated that the presence of the ship in the region caused Ross to “security” and strengthening “cooperation in the Black Sea” for the “peace and prosperity in the region.” Ross is equipped with missile Aegis, and the main strike weapons destroyer – cruise missiles Tomahawk.