Mass riots in front of the Parliament building in Kiev: tyres are burning once again

Traffic along Hrushevskyi Street is blocked. Police units have been summoned to the center of the city.

The Verkhovna Rada approved the draft law No 1558-1 on restructuring of obligations in foreign currency.

227 MPs voted in favour of this decision.

The draft law had been put forward for the third reading.

After that the protesters rallying near the Parliament building renewed the manifestation.

Police is preparing to use fire hydrants at the crossing of Shovkovychna an Hrushevskyi Street. Several protesters had been detained.

The protesters throw smoke pellets and bottles with Molotov’s cocktail.

Paramedics provide first aid to one of the injured protesters on the stairs of the building.

Policemen keep on detaining the most aggressive protesters.

The fire brigade has not yet managed to put off the burning tyres.



Novorossiya army have hunted down a Ukranian Army sabotage & recon Platoon

2 KIA & 2 retreated back to Kiev Occupied Territory..
They must have been monitoring Troop movements & testing defences..
I have a feeling an Offensive with start soon….