If this is true then why do we allow them to stick their hands down our pants at the airports if they know it doesn’t work?
I believe that Governments can bring down any aircraft they wish for example, 9-11 and MH17.
Look at the evidence for yourselves, then ask yourself “who are the real terrorists”?

Terrorists could bring down a passenger plane flying between the US and UKThe-Real-Terrorists ‘tomorrow,’ the former deputy chief of the CIA has warned.
Michael Morell says there is a ‘significant chance’ an ISIS-inspired attack at any time and fears Al-Qaeda are capable of bringing down a transatlantic flight.
Speaking about his new book, The Great War of Our Time, the former number two at America’s top spy agency, says the West must continue to put pressure on terrorists or risk another 9/11.

It outlines his beliefs that the terrorist groups still have the capabilities to carry out an attack that would leave hundreds of people dead.

What about the millions dead due to Government terrorist actions?