By Linda Kirby – What’s Going On Newsletter 

One of my subscribers asked a news paper carrier why there were colored dots on mail

boxes. I want to copy/paste what transpired so I don’t get it wrong. You know I am all

about truth and if someone gives me good info to refute what I’ve reported on, I will put it

up so all can see and they can decide for themselves. I just report on what’s out there and

we have to always discern for ourselves. I was so glad to get her email, for my own peace of

mind and I wanted to put it here for your peace of mind also.

Ok, I feel utterly stupid now. I googled “dots on mailboxes” just now and found out that there

were actually blue, green, red and yellow dots used to signify whether one gets the daily

newspaper or just the Sunday paper. I have got to stop getting so worked up over everything I


I realize I mentioned only two scenarios, one for the daily paper, and one for just the Sunday

paper, and that wouldn’t explain the other two colors. I found the explanation by a newspaper

carrier, who said they used the stickers to tell if it was an all week customer or weekend

customer. He said he delivered three different papers and each had its own colored sticker. He

said they delivered at night, so the stickers were the only way to tell which house received the

paper. I should have just asked my Dad when I first saw this, but I didn’t see this until late in the

morning when my father was asleep. My father had a newspaper route for about

three years where he delivered between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. I just asked him if

they used stickers on mailboxes to distinguish between the customers and what paper they

received. He said they did and that the red stickers represented customers who received the paper

EVERY day it was delivered. I also asked him why the stickers were put on mailboxes instead of

newspaper boxes because I had wondered about that. He said that the stickers were put on

mailboxes boxes when the newspaper boxes were obstructed by the mailboxes. So, that clears

that up. BTW, I didn’t get the information off of, either. I just found it a little far-
stretched that the government would use little stickers on mailboxes to signify whether American

citizens would be killed, sent to a FEMA camp, or whatever.

Per the The Post-Crescent, a newspaper said: Mark Johnson, distribution director for The Post-
Crescent, said carriers place the reflective dots to speed the delivery of newspapers in the early

morning hours.

“It helps the carrier identify the type of subscription to the correct subscriber under dark conditions,”

Johnson said. “Not all customers have their address on the mailbox adjoining, so this helps.”

On another subject from this same subscriber, it’s stating this: I want to add that after

finding a website that listed all of these FEMA Camps by state, I found one listed within driving

distance from my parent’s home. I looked up the road that the website listed as the camp location

online and got driving directions, then got out and traveled to the location myself, and found

nothing!!!! So, I have learned from this experience to NOT BELIEVE everything that is being

put out there online because some of it is just plain old fear-mongering by people who have

nothing better to do.

Now, you see why I keep telling you to do your own research and never take anyone’s word

for anything, and that includes ME!! As you can see, I passed along what could be, bad

information on those marks on the mail boxes. I couldn’t ask a newspaper carrier so I

relied on all the many sources on the web, which turned out to be different from what the

news carriers are saying. So, now you have both sides of the issue and it’s up to you to do

your homework to decide which is right. Unlike many news sources on the web, when they

get contridictory information on what they’ve been reporting, they ignore it rather than put

it out there for all to see. To me, that is not truth…it’s hiding something that could be

truth…or it may not be, but we have to put it up so everyone can do their homework and

decide for themselves which is right.

Is this info right or is it a story line the news carriers are given by the Illumanti to give us?

It’s for you to research and decide.