Conflicting reports on gun incident in Baltimore

DEVELOPING: Conflicting reports about a police chase that may have involved gunfire roiled Baltimore Monday, just a week after riots rocked the city.

Initial reports, including from a Fox News Channel crew on the scene, said a man had been shot, but police then said a gun dropped by a man running from police went off, and that no one was hit by a bullet. Earlier, Baltimore Police tweeted the man was shot “multiple times,” but police later said no one had been shot. The first report may have referred to a separate incident.

Police said the man’s gun had fired when it fell during the chase. The witness, however, said she saw no weapon.

Police reportedly used pepper spray on the crowd after the shooting.

Last Friday, six Baltimore police officers were charged in the death of Gray, 25, who died April 19, one week after being injured while in police custody.

Gray’s death touched off rioting, that culminated in the torching of 15 buildings and more than 100 cars one week ago.

The death of Gray led prosecutors to charge one police officer with murder, three with manslaughter and two with assault in the death of Gray, who a prosecutor said suffered a broken neck last month when he was left shackled at the feet and lying face down in a police van by officers who ignored his pleas as they made their rounds. Gray suffered a broken neck, apparently while riding in the back of the Baltimore police van.


A man was shot reportedly by the police during daytime protests in Baltimore on Monday afternoon.

The incident happened at 2:45 p.m. ET close to the intersection of Pennsylvania and North avenues in Baltimore near the epicenter of where protests have occurred in the days since the arrest and death last month of Freddie Gray, a young black man.

It was not immediate clear who had fired, but eyewitnesses at the scene and a reporter for Fox News said that it was an officer-involved shooting.

RT’s Manual Rapalo reported from the scene that authorities were quick to clear the scene by discharging pepper-spray as a crowd gathered. Fox captured paramedics rushing the man away and onto an ambulance.