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Graham Phillips

On 26th December 2014 I returned to Grabovo, in Donbass, some 80km from Donetsk, to the site of the MH17 tragedy.

Fullscreen capture 23042015 010402.bmpThis was my second visit to the site, after October. Here are 10 more points from that
visit. All points are supported by the video below.

11. The three men collecting MH17 remains from the site (by DPR permission, after international experts had failed to clear the site) – Andrey, Ibrahim and Vladimir, took me to a crater by the largest area of crash wreckage, by the village of Grabovo. They said this crater was caused by Ukrainian shelling.

12. The men identified the time of the shelling as early August 2014 – meaning the site was being shelled at what would have been a key time for a flight investigation unable to take place at that time, due to shelling.

MH1713. The men identified the shelling

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