By Gregory Mannarino


Literally for years I have been screaming from rooftops that the Federal Reserve is directly involved in a scheme of legal theft on a scale hard to imagine. Well here is some more proof that I have been correct this entire time, read this article:

Fed policies have cost savers $470 billion: Report
What we have been witnessing is legal theft right under the noses of the entire population and NO ONE says a word about it and why? Because those in power realize clearly that 98% Of the population are sheep-and sheep get slaughtered.

The deliberate manipulation of interest rates by the Federal Reserve has not only already robbed savers of half a trillion dollars of wealth status post 2008, but this wealth transfer is going to get much much worse.

1. The Federal reserve WILL NOT be raising interest rates anytime soon, and this was made crystal clear at the last FOMC meeting.

2. Rates will continue to be suppressed to boost Wall Street and rob everyone else.

3. As I have been outlining, the middle class is under direct attack by not just by a run away central bank (the Federal Reserve), but by Washington.

4. In the end the middle class will not exist and a two tier society will emerge and why? Again because the middle class by and large are sheep ripe for the slaughter as they will not raise their voices to even help themselves.

5. The next step in their scheme is to deflate the current stock market bubble, which will leave the middle class destitute and desperate as retirement plans, 401k’s and the like evaporate. What the middle class does not even realize is their cash which is tied up in these accounts will be legally stolen by Wall Street wizards who will simply short the plunging market.

Legal theft on an unimaginable scale…