This doesn’t sound a very good way of spending money, nearly a million on a fence?  This seems hardly a priority  when troops need paying, miners need paying, infrastructure needs repairing which only goes to show how out of control this illegal Ukrainian government is.

Further is Yats is on the Ukrainian side? If so the top of the fence is pointing towards Ukraine, is this to stop Ukrainians from emigrating to Russia? He must be told that a fence from Epicentre won’t stop a T90.


This has been announced by assistant to the chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodian at a press conference today, Ukrinform correspondent reports. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has received 10 million UAH, which will allow resuming the active stage of engineering works in early April. In particular this applies to Kharkiv and Lugansk border detachments,” Slobodian said.