Rhetoric of US media changed. Now they speak of the People’s Militia as “rebels”, not “terrorists”, and they do not spot regular Russian army in Donbass. Zakharchenko, Head of the DPR, mentioned this fact in his joint press-conference with Plotnitskiy, Head of the LPR. As well as the notion that Americans – the adequate ones – appreciate and understand struggle for independence and essential human rights.
Is this another Globalist trick to soften that thud when the first US/Ukraine Cruise Missile lands in Lugansk or Mariupol. Seems very strange that the NYT has done a U turn……



Ukraine Rebels Upbeat After an Infusion of Aid

HORLIVKA, Ukraine — The rebel commander casually led the way down a muddy trench, shoulder high with shaved walls of moist earth, his boots slapping at wooden slabs sunk into the muck. Finally, he reached an earth-covered observation post.

“There, you see,” he said, pointing a gnarled index finger, its brown nail twisted after 30 years in the coal mines. A few hundred yards away, across an icy lake and a field, were some scattered office buildings, close enough to count the windowpanes.

“There are the Ukrainians,” said the commander, whose real name is Pavel and who asked that his surname not be used, for fear of reprisals. His fighters call him Batya, an endearment for father in Russian and a common nom de guerre for rebel commanders in easternUkraine.

The smack of artillery fire rose from a village in the valley below, captured just a few days earlier by Batya’s rebels. A nearby crack, a tense pause, then a distant thud somewhere beyond the lake.