You can watch Harry Fear on USTREAM – Great Journalism from young and now almost legendary documentary film maker Harry Fear – Harry is streaming this evening from the very front line in Gaza City. While making a documentary the ceasefire was broken and he’s bravely stayed on giving concise reports and updates from friends and colleagues around Gaza.

I tend to trust someone who’s on the front line for, he also allows you in on a terrifying experience, war is f*cking horrible, pointless, the lowest of the lows.


20:40  Israel announce that they now have clearance for ground assault.

21:35   Israel incursion confirmed.

21:41   Israeli Air attacks confirmed in the last hour.

21:50   Palestine Square hit by air attack.

21:21   Israeli Navy shelling the North.

21:52   Palestinian Resistance hold off Israeli invasion.

21:53   Three Israeli air strikes in as many minutes – Gaza City.

21:55   News that Israeli forces are now terrorising civilians as they invade from the south.

21:58   Israel Ground invasion started in three Gaza locations.

22:01   Harry loses power, back online after hotel switches to generator power. He was told by friends and advisories from the military one of the three most safest places to be. Now hearing explosions as the Israeli ground forces are bombing civilian areas, hotel is shaking as explosions now rocking Gaza City.

22:15   Intensive Israeli F16 air strikes throughout Gaza now. Israeli tanks move into the West Bank.

22:17   Israeli Tanks trying to break the perimeter. Civilian casualties are expected to be high.

22:18   Explosions now in West Gaza City

22:23   Israeli Tanks roll into Bethlehem

22:25   I’m feeling very choked which is unusual, I feel sad that it’s happening in Bethlehem so close to Christmas, seems to capture the decay of humankind well.  Bethlehem, bright star in the sky lighting the way for tanks to kill civilian men women and children.  That’s where we are and every country in the world is guilty of this crime.

Needed that rant.

22:33   Extremely large explosions close to Harry.  Palestinian resistance holding Israeli tanks back.

22:36   Huge attack confirmed in the Zaytoun area.

22:47   Resistance forces bring down two drones in the past two hours – Unconfirmed.

23:00   Israeli Gun Boats are shelling Northern Gaza.

23:07   Israel is relentlessly bombing Gaza civilian areas.

23:10   Four huge explosions heard in central Gaza in the past five minutes

00:12   Gaza under attack at present by Israeli F16’n and Naval gun fire.  Widespread.